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Anping JuLong Animal By Product Co.,Ltd. processes and exports various animal hair, mainly including horse tail hair, horse mane hair, cattle tail hair, goat hair, animal fine hair and horsehair fabrics.Anping County has a history of more than 400 years in bristle and animal tail hair process...


We have achieved our respected reputation in the marketplace through the dedication and honest dealings. These skilled people have, through their years of service and continuing creativity.

December 8th, 2016

31inch pure Mongolia horse tail hair for rocking horse

Our horse tail hair for bow using is all natural color, unbleached, and we wash the hair in the water with no any chemical drugs. So the quality is very good for your bows.... Read More ➝
December 7th, 2016

brown Horse Root Tail Hair for Brush Making horse tail hair for sale

We supply several colors :mainly white, black, mixed, brown, grey, sorrel, dyed and so on, and various size :mainly 6-36" ,36" up we can supply also....Read More ➝
December 6th, 2016

Horse tail hair for wig, horse hair weave and horse hair jewellery

Horse hair is the horse tail hair and horse mane hair. Horsehair as well as the "tuft' at the end of a cow's tail are the same sources... Read More ➝
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