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Tampico Fibre
Curled Horse Hair
Horsehair fabric, for industrial use
Horsetail whisk
Anping JuLong Animal By Product Co.,Ltd. processes and exports various animal hair, mainly including horse tail hair, horse mane hair, cattle tail hair, goat hair, animal fine hair and horsehair fabrics.
Anping County has a history of more than 400 years in bristle and animal tail hair process. It is the biggest distribution center of animal tail hair in North China. There are more than 1000 workshops and over 50,000 people involved in animal tail hair process. The annual export amount of animal tail hair products of Anping accounts for 40 percent of China and 70 percent of Hebei Province.
Anping JuLong Animal By Product Co.,Ltd. has seven processing plants. Our horse tail hair and other animal hair products are mainly exported to USA, Italy, Japan, South Korea total about 20 countries and regions and are well received for superior quality and competitive price.
Main Animal Hair Products
  • Dressed horse mane and horse tail hair
  • Various animal fine hair
  • Horsehair fabric for lining cloth
  • Horsehair fabric for industrial use
  • Horse tail hair coated yarn

Anping JuLong Animal By Product Co.,Ltd. is committed to supplying our customers with high quality products while providing fine service and complete satisfaction.
We have achieved our respected reputation in the marketplace through the dedication and honest dealings. These skilled people have, through their years of service and continuing creativity, maintained the quality and consistency of product essential to our customers.
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Animal fine hair
Horsehair fabric, for lining cloth
Horse Tail Hair Yarn
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